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By: deltadataservices | January 17, 2018

In my last blog I talked about how I want my staff to have peripheral vision when they are working and to help me look for outliers in their work and report them to me. I likened it to catching a wave during surfing. One must not only paddle into the wave but also look around to see if anyone else is also catching that same wave. You have to be looking at two things at once. So in business, do the work and keep an eye out for outliers.

Another place I would have liked to see the peripheral vision was when I assigned my staff to make some sample demo data in a CRM. To trigger a field to go up by one increment required her to make an entire machine profile with numerous fields. She was to match the demo data in that field to what was shown i...

By: deltadataservices | January 10, 2018

The other day I had a real scare with my payroll report. I realized that the way I had it set up, my client would have been reporting 4 times the amount they actually paid me in my 1099 in 2015, all due to 1 incorrect transaction that was 3 times the total of all the correct transactions. I know this because entering these amounts is one of my responsibilities for the client.

Can you imagine what 4 times the tax would have set me back? It would have been devastating and a lot of time investment to get sorted out. Luckily, a message to the client’s payroll service was able to quickly clear it up.

I was to blame for the initial error but my staff that did the entries could have also prevented it. I decided to use it as a mentoring moment for...

By: deltadataservices | December 27, 2017

Ebitari pictured with Sandra's Husband, Dwight Larsen.

My company has been involved in the publishing of a book for the past ten years. This book was written by my late mother-in-law when she was in her 50s in the late 1980s. My mother-in-law, Sandra R. Goode-Larsen, had a successful career as a self-employed scientific and mathematical dissertation typesetter. She owned more than one high-tech IBM typewriter with which she was able to do detailed typesetting including complex scientific and mathematical equations. She was an advanced editor adept at all the main formatting styles such as ‘Chicago Manual of Style’ (Note), ‘Modern Language Association of America’ (MLA), and ‘American Psychological Association’ (APA).

Then, while still in her 50s, Sandra had a devastating stroke. The stroke para...

By: deltadataservices | December 19, 2017

Here's Delta Data Services' 2017 holiday card!!

Here's wishing you an enjoyable holiday season and an amazing, productive, and prosperous 2018!! 

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By: deltadataservices | December 13, 2017

In the previous blog I described how I was taught at a Dale Carnegie training of a way to remember to ask people questions that allow them to tell you the most about themselves. I am now going to answer those questions about myself.

  • A name plate
    • My Name is Ebitari Isoun Larsen. Isoun is my maiden name. My previous middle name was Ellen. My name is Nigerian, from the Ijaw ethnic group and it means ‘a good blessing’.
  • Behind the nameplate is a dream house
    • I currently live in Long Beach in a neighborhood about 20 minutes drive from the beach called California Heights. I like Long Beach because it is diverse in so many ways. It is really the perfect town for my stage of life right now.
  • You look up the chimney and see the original map of the world
    • I wa...