Delta Data Services LLC

At Delta Data Services, we provide software-based, scalable workflows and automation in Zoho for government, nonprofits and commercial service providers to boost growth with the optimal number of team members.

Requirements Gathering

Interview your team

Review documentation

Explore existing systems

Business Intelligence

Know your data and use this knowledge to find the gaps where money is being lost and efficiencies are being compromised.

A picture tells a thousand words and in dashboard 

Visualize your data in charts and graphs that help you decipher the answers you are looking for

Elegant Forms

Consistency and replicability is king in business.

We keep your data clean and consistent with elegant forms.

Don't miss a beat by rendering your form data in the most pleasing representation you can imagine.

Automation and Workflows

If a machine can do it better, then let it.

We help you automate all menial and repetitive tasks.

  • Never sent that repetitive email again.
  • Never schedule that repetitive reminder again.
  • Never update that repetitive field again


We help you plan not just for today but for many tomorrows.

We will ask you for your goals and vision and will configure your Zoho system with these in mind.

We will configure your Zoho system even beyond.


We work work Zoho One; a cutting-edge tool in Enterprise Edition with over 40+ applications all with mobile versions and all with only 1 invoice is you choose.


Synchronicity is the name of the game.

We ensure your systems are speaking to each other and that data is flowing between systems and that transparency is heightened for users.


  • Do you want to grow your business exponentially with the optimal amount of staff? and we mean exponentially? Then you cannot do that without Zoho; a robust and automated information technology system.
  • That's where Delta Data Services comes in.
  • We provide scalable workflows in Zoho for government, nonprofits, and commercial organization to achieve their corporate goals; we consider none too lofty!

Delta Data Services

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Requirements Gathering
  • Advanced requirements gathering techniques to understand business needs 

What's possible

We don't relent
  • Entrepreneurial drive, motivation, and never-give-up attitude for your Zoho systems development 
Retaining your System Knowledge
  • Extensive knowledge transfer and documentation

What's achievable

  • Created Zoho platforms for industries including finance, technology, auditing, project management companies, manufacturing companies, nonprofits and more.

  • Been implementing Zoho since 2009 with 100s of customers.

What could be

  • We work with companies of all sizes

  • Use actively Zoho technology to enhance the way we work with our clients’ using portals for our finance activities, elegant forms, and we keep in touch through newsletters, social media, SMS and more.