Delta Data Services LLC

Set Up New CRM and Order Processing Application Project


The customer was using another CRM and order processing system that was not working well for them.
They wanted to change to a system that would be more intuitive and do more of the automation and workflows that they wanted. Their data quality had degraded, and they wanted a new way to manage their data and track it that would be simple and easy to use.


We recommended to the client to start afresh in a new account and set everything up, as they want it in a simple, streamlined the CRM and Order Processing design where everything is working, as it should.


First, we gathered the requirements that the customer had about their CRM and Order Processing application needs. We set up a schedule for when the work would be completed including milestones.
We migrated all the customer’s data from their old CRM to their new CRM after doing some scrubbing in the .csv file exports. The migration of the data took a long time because the customer had a lot of data.
Some of the data had to be scrubbed which took time. They also had a lot of Notes in the their data. It is true that the more data you have, the more work it is to import. We developed an Order Processing database application for the client that was custom to their requirements and synced to their CRM. The customer used the Order Processing application to track their inventory and sales by their franchises.
We training the customer’s staff on how to use and administer the CRM. We created training documentation on the CRM and how to use it.


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