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Setup Zoho CRM  with integration with Zoho WorkDrive for an Audio-Visual for Education and Non-Profits Business.


Our Audio-Visual client had a challenge managing and organizing their internal documentation and knowledge base data across platforms. They considered utilizing a third-party Help-Desk resource; however, the client  wanted a streamlined software solution that they could query a topic and, source the desired content from a number of integrated file storage such as One Drive. 


Zoho WorkDrive Extension. 
Zoho WorkDrive Extension easily facilitates multi-user collaboratione within the Zoho CRM ecosystem. The extension can be used by a Team to access client-related documents without the cumbersome task of navigating back to the WorkDrive file folder. Once installed, the extension creates a Team folder and 3 sub folders (Accounts, Contacts, Deals) in WorkDrive. When a Team member adds a file or creates a new older for a client's record in the CRM (Accounts, Contacts, Deals), it creates a sub folder with the name of the record, and uploads the file or folder onto WorkDrive. Zoho Workdrive 
functions like a cloud storage and sharing system. Coupled with robust features and key functionality that ensure security, the Zoho WorkDrive Extention provides a superior workflow for  individual file sharing, file searching, version control and Team communication.


Once we demonstrated Zoho Workdrive Extension's functionality, our clients saw immediate benefits. It streamlined their file sharing and revision workflow, and they were able to structure their files and Knowledge Base information in a useful way. 

 Our client was impressed with the painless implementation process and was able to: 

1. Store and manage files in a secured shared space for Team folders.

2. Assign user-level access with appropriate permissions for Team Folder members and WorkDrive supports sub-folder level sharing to ensure members have access to exactly what they need.

3. Secured Sharing Work with colleagues without having to invite them to a Team Folder every time. Share files directly with individuals or different teams to collaborate efficiently.

4. View different file formats: WorkDrive supports 160+ file formats, which means they can take a look at team files before they even open or download them.

5. Accelerate data discovery: Easily locate files, even if they aren’t intuitively named. Search by file name, creator, or with a keyword from the document. Use OCR and Object Detection to locate images and scanned docs by simply searching with a keyword. 

6. Invite guest users: Invite users to their WorkDrive account, assign access permissions, and collaborate in real time. Option to revoke outside access whenever needed.

7. Manage users and their device: Add members individually or in bulk. Set roles, manage access permissions at both WorkDrive account and Team Folder levels, and closely monitor who is accessing files using the WorkDrive apps.

8. Share files externally: Decide who can share files outside their organization and let their members create custom links for different set of audiences.

9. Transfer file ownership: Transfer ownership of work files from the private folders of team members changing roles or exiting the organization.


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