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Unparalleled Global Consumer Insights

Marketers looking to deliver exceptional experiences need exceptional insights and data. Exceptional data provides the window into truly knowing and understanding audience needs, wants and preferences.

Acxiom provides:

  • the most comprehensive,
  • global suite of consumer insights in the market,
  • harnessing data about real people across the most sources of data to power audience targeting and people-based marketing.

Acxiom’s consumer data and insights illuminate all marketable consumers and enable brands to engage and personalize experiences across digital and offline channels. Whether leveraging data for understanding audiences, building digital and offline lists,isolating contact touchpoint data or appending insights to known or anonymous audiences, Acxiom’s broad suite of offerings helps brands succeed.isolating contact touchpoint data or appending insights to known or anonymous audiences, Acxiom’s broad suite of offerings helps brands succeed.

For more information on the Acxiom data we integrate, click the links below or scroll down to that section of the page:


​​INFOBASE® is the largest collection of U.S. consumer information available in one source. InfoBase provides the most accurate and comprehensive consumer insights and data with more than 1,500 attributes representing 100% of marketable U.S. consumers and households. It offers unprecedented detail, accuracy and coverage, combined with more tools and features to help brands get the most out of their data.


(1) Acxiom Predictive Audiences

​Acxiom Audience PROPENSITIES® are market leading behavioral and attitudinal indicators based on known, actionable information and tied to shopping intent, attitudinal data, media behavior, etc., to accurately predict brand affinity and preferences, in-market interests and timing, and media viewing habits. Thousands of prebuilt propensity models from both Acxiom and trusted partners are available for immediate use, requiring little configuration. They provide rich insights into a consumer’s likelihood to respond, convert and remain loyal, as well as preferences for certain channels.

Audience Propensities are designed to address the distinct nuances of a wide range of industries. Rooted in multidimensional insights from syndicated data partner relationships, Acxiom’s models are superior to other approaches that rely on a single attribute or attitudinal indicator. With statistical confidence, Audience Propensities help predict answers to the most important marketing questions: 

  • Who has affinity for my brand? ​
  • Which channels and products are likely to be shopped?
  • Who is in the market now?

(2) Partner Predictive Audiences

​​Acxiom Partner Predictive Audiences unlock data driven marketing opportunities by providing uniquely insightful behavioral and attitudinal indicators developed in partnership with select data providers. These solutions provide deep “always on” access to current behavioral and attitudinal data including product-level purchasing, retail spend, content consumption across channels, interests and lifestyles for brands seeking to fine tune their people-based engagements. Omnichannel partner audiences are built leveraging Acxiom’s leading Identity Graph combined with Acxiom’s InfoBase data, offering a powerful predictive data foundation that results in actionable insights to drive marketing engagement strategy and messaging.

A Few of Acxiom Partner Audience Offerings

  • Travel, hotel, entertainment, and retail spend behavioral insights
  • Health and wellness behavioral and attitudinal insights
  • Mobile app and attitudinal insights
  • Linear TV and OTT viewership insights
  • Motivational insights
  • Mobile device location and location context insights
  • Content consumption and social sharing insights
  • Restaurant dining behavioral insights


PERSONICX® is a syndicated segmentation and visualization suite available with global reach. While the flagship Consumer Lifestage system is fine-tuned by country for optimal performance, the U.S. version leverages key demographics to group households with similar consumer behaviors into one of 70 segments within 21 life-stage groups. The expansive U.S. suite includes five specialized systems centered on key use cases:

Whether used alone or together, all systems allow marketers to organize customers and prospects based on their demographics, socio-economics and essential buying behaviors to support key use cases:

  • Customer segmentation for executing effective marketing strategy and tactics
  • Robust audience portrait creation for deeper understanding of consumers and their likely in-market behaviors
  • Omnichannel audience definition and targeting for coordinated acquisition, upsell & cross-sell, and retention programs across digital and offline platforms
  • Creation of more relevant messages, content and customer experiences
  • Only Personicx is built from the most accurate and complete data available at the actual household and individual level. All systems are linked to globally renowned syndicated survey sources, providing rich insights into thousands of attitudes, interests and behaviors without the expense of conducting your own primary research. The Personicx advantage provides marketers with the greatest differentiation and predictive power for segmenting consumers. Bring in your own customer data for customized segments, and you’ll have unprecedented multidimensional insights for an undeniable competitive advantage in the marketplace.