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By: deltadataservices | February 14, 2018

I recently posted an article about a high school student who was accepted into all 8 Ivy League universities (http://www.nytimes.com/2016/04/07/nyregion/long-island-high-school-students-sweeps-ivy-league-universities.html). In response to the article, I started thinking why the better higher education institutions are so competitive and invest so many resources to filter out for the smartest students in the applicant pool; “Harvard’s [acceptance rate], for example, was 5.2 percent this year, down from 9.3 percent in 2006”. I decided that the answer is that the better higher education institutions are some of the consummate long-term thinkers.

High school graduates enroll in university at 18 years old, or recent college graduates enroll in ...

By: deltadataservices | February 06, 2018

In my last blog I talked about how I learned to start campfires as a counselor at environmental camp at Camp Calumet Lutheran. So what should you get out of that blog for business?

  1. Definitely consider sending your children to outdoors camps to learn how to build fires outside. If they ever go camping with friends, they may save the day by knowing how to light an outdoor campfire.
  2. Training is a very important part of any organization or project implementation. In some cases, you only need to teach things once and the knowledge lasts a lifetime. Just like my friend was surrounded by everything she needed to get the fire going yet she was completely unaware, your staff may be spinning their wheels because even though they have all the technol...

By: deltadataservices | January 27, 2018

I recently went tent camping with some friends at a campsite in the Central Coast of California, some hours drive from my home. I hadn’t been camping in years and was slightly apprehensive about if I would be able to do all the things that are necessary to have a fun time camping, like lighting a good fire and cooking good meals for my family. It was my 5-year-old sons first time camping and that added to my apprehension, as it’s an extra responsibility to take a young child camping.

On the first night, one of the parent campers took the first attempt at lighting the campfire and was struggling with it. She expressed her concern with the fire and lamented that if only she had some more kindling the fire would be able to ignite into a robus...

By: deltadataservices | January 24, 2018

This month we celebrate the 9th year of Delta Data Services LLC being in business. The biggest accomplishment at 9 years old is just the feelings of knowledge and experience that are starting to kick in around the office. We have been integrating Zoho applications, and using them ourselves, for 9 years and we are feeling very confident in them. Sure, there are still times where we have to a take a question as homework and get back to Zoho for their expertise on it but that is fewer and farther between. It feels really good to be well experienced Zoho professionals.

As we have matured as a company, it also feels great to be doing many aspects of business operations in-house. We have very little of our business operations outsourced except our...

By: deltadataservices | January 17, 2018

In my last blog I talked about how I want my staff to have peripheral vision when they are working and to help me look for outliers in their work and report them to me. I likened it to catching a wave during surfing. One must not only paddle into the wave but also look around to see if anyone else is also catching that same wave. You have to be looking at two things at once. So in business, do the work and keep an eye out for outliers.

Another place I would have liked to see the peripheral vision was when I assigned my staff to make some sample demo data in a CRM. To trigger a field to go up by one increment required her to make an entire machine profile with numerous fields. She was to match the demo data in that field to what was shown i...