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Did you know the success of your project is ~50% dependent on a detailed and comprehensible user requirement? For every successfully executed project, there has been an effective user requirement(s) gathering.
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Zoho CRM Video Tip - Lead Conversion Mapping in Zoho CRM
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New DDS Financial Management App for Financial Planners.
Change Management and Effective Implementation.
Zoho CRM Admin Tip Profiles and Roles assign what users can "see" and "do".
Delta Data Services has hired a new part-time Business Technical and Sales Analyst named Mr. Ibrahim. We highlight some of his achievements and skills in addition to his responsibilities and works at DDS.
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A new element of Delta Data Services, Isaac Vu and his background qualifications
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In this video below, we present a detailed Zoho CRM YouTube video tip about setting up email in CRM. You can sync all emails to Zoho CRM to view the messages sent by your contact.
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Corporate announcement on DDS Pricing Rate!
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Project Management may seem like a simple term used to describe the management of a project from start to finish. Technically, that is what it is however, most projects seem to be complex and will need effective planning, execution and closeout. This is where the importance of project management is ...

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