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By: deltadataservices | July 11, 2018

Marty Kurner and Ebitari Larsen at the Rotary Lunch

Today was fun at the Long Beach Rotary Club luncheon. In my opinion it was a showing of women at our finest. Today starts the new fiscal year for Rotary so our new President, a woman, Gail Schwandner, had her debut. She did a great job. I am excited for her year as President. She is smart, funny, friendly and kind and these are all attributes of a great leader.

The speaker today included the former Mayor of Long Beach, a woman, Beverly O'Neil. Dr. O'Neil was Mayor of Long Beach for 3 terms which is unprecedented. In fact in her third term, she won by a 'write in'. Winning by a 'write in' means that people actually wrote in her name into the ballot because it wasn't allowed for her name to be on the ballot since it was a third term and s...

By: deltadataservices | July 04, 2018

As you may be aware, you can add custom fields to all modules and custom modules in CRM. What I want to discuss here are some of the fields you might forget to use or considerations for using certain fields.

First, always remember that if you are making a field in Lead, you may want to check the button to create the field in Contact, Account and/or Deal as well, based on your requirements. If you forget to do that, either delete the field completely (its a 2 step process) and add it again or use Lead Conversion Mapping to map the fields.

Go to Setup -> Customization -> Modules and Fields -> Layouts and then you will come to the area where you can add custom fields. The fields available are as follows:

By: deltadataservices | June 27, 2018

image from: https://www.pcmag.com/article/348514/why-zoho-wants-to-be-the-operating-system-for-businesses

By: deltadataservices | June 20, 2018

Zoho is entering a new phase of its existence and for the first time really pushing the advertising envelope. They ran the above video advertisement on national television. Friends told me they saw it during the finals of the National Basketball Association (NBA) event and even in the morning during news casting time.

Zoho also had an full page advertisement in the New York Times. It was on the back cover of the front page. It was quite a prominent advertisement which I am sure attracted a lot of attention. Here's a photo of the advertisement below.

By: deltadataservices | June 13, 2018

Here is our introductory video for our company's services, taken as a part of the Power Partners USA video shoot. It talks about what we do at Delta Data Services in 40 seconds. Take a look and see what you think of our services. Contact us, by clicking, for your free hour and a half consultation to benefit from the value our services bring to your organization. 






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Punahou School

Science Teacher

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University of Hawaii

Coastal Geology and Geophysics

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NASA Earth Science Fellow

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