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By: deltadataservices | December 13, 2017

In the previous blog I described how I was taught at a Dale Carnegie training of a way to remember to ask people questions that allow them to tell you the most about themselves. I am now going to answer those questions about myself.

  • A name plate
    • My Name is Ebitari Isoun Larsen. Isoun is my maiden name. My previous middle name was Ellen. My name is Nigerian, from the Ijaw ethnic group and it means ‘a good blessing’.
  • Behind the nameplate is a dream house
    • I currently live in Long Beach in a neighborhood about 20 minutes drive from the beach called California Heights. I like Long Beach because it is diverse in so many ways. It is really the perfect town for my stage of life right now.
  • You look up the chimney and see the original map of the world
    • I wa...

By: deltadataservices | December 05, 2017

I attended a Dale Carnegie Sales training event locally here in Long Beach recently. The instructor taught us a way to ask people about themselves and use it as a way to learn the most about people. Here is how you can remember all the aspects to ask about a person:

“You walk up a driveway and see:

  • A name plate
  • Behind the nameplate is a dream house
  • You look up the chimney and see the original map of the world
  • Above the map is a work glove
  • The glove is holding onto an airplane
  • On the pilot side is a hobby horse
  • On the co-pilot side are golf clubs
  • In the back of the plane is a swing set and there is a boy and a girl on them
  • There is a mom and dad pushing the boy and girl
  • Above their head is a flashing red light”

Here is what the parts of the story relate...

By: deltadataservices | November 29, 2017

Another thing I remember about St. Austin’s Academy was that there was a memorable fight conflict between a Somali, Muslim girl and an Israeli, Jewish boy. This is the first I learned of the conflict between these religious and ethnic groups. St. Austin’s was very diverse. Teachers were predominantly from England, students were from many embassies and therefore different religions and ethnic groups. Kenya has a large Indian population in it. 

It’s not always easy for everyone to get along but school is certainly a good place to practice before one is meant to get along in the real world. One formal place we practiced how adults manage conflict was that I got to participate in a model United Nations event while at St. Austin’s Academy. S...

By: deltadataservices | November 22, 2017

When I was writing about my high school days, I was remiss to write about the time my family spent in Nairobi, Kenya during my last two years of high school. I want to write about that time now.

My Father was working at the University of Science and Technology, Port Harcourt at the time and things were starting to get very political. So-called friends and foes were going against my father and an inquiry was raised saying things like that he hired only people from is ethnic group. My mother thought it was best for my father to get away from the bad situation for a while and have a change of pace.

As a result, my father applied for and became the first editor for the Africa Academy of Sciences (AAS) scientific journal, a position located in Na...

By: deltadataservices | November 15, 2017

As mentioned in the last Blog post, in this Blog post, I’ll focus more on the community involvement aspect of the Corporate American I knew through PPC.

PPC also supported local non-profits. It was at PPC that I learned that at the heart of American business is the core for giving back to the community through working with non-profit organizations. This type of business participation with non-profits is a very important part of the US economy and how many less fortunate or needy people are helped or many good causes are pursued. PPC participated in Adopt-A-Highway and staff maintained the highway by picking trash on a regular basis. PPC supported the Newton Marasco Foundation, a non-profit that fosters environmental education in schools an...