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By: deltadataservices | October 17, 2017

In this blog, I will finish the explanation of my Master's thesis project at the University of Hawaii (UH) School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology (SOEST) in marine Geology and Geophysics.

At SOEST, I was also a certified scientific SCUBA diver. Being a Certified diver was necessary for me to dive down to the bottom of Kailua bay and ground truth the multi spectral images and determine what bottom type correlated to the various parts of the multi spectral map.

I got many dives in but one of my colleagues, Jodi Harney, got in many more dives than I did for her research. I used a lot of her ground truth data to correlate to the models I applied to my multi spectral data that I collected. If you look at the paper in full (link below...

By: deltadataservices | October 10, 2017

In this blog, I will get back to my Master's thesis project at the University of Hawaii (UH) School or Ocean and Earth Science and Technology (SOEST) in marine Geology and Geophysics. My thesis was a remote sensing study of Kailua Bay on the East (windward) side of Oahu Island. The remote sensing data, multi spectral data, would be flown from an airplane. I would create the flight plan for the airplane ensuring that there was sufficient overlap on the flight lines to be able to make a comprehensive mosaic of the bay with the data collected.

My project was a collaboration among small business and academia. I worked with Jonathan Gradie who owned the remote sensing technology and we flew the data from the airplane together. After he processe...

By: deltadataservices | October 03, 2017

My mentor at Punahou, Ruth Fletcher, was instrumental in my decision to get a Master’s degree at the University of Hawaii (UH). She knew I wanted to return to school to get a graduate degree in science and she believed that I was smart and would make a good candidate to be a student to her husband, Charles (Chip) Fletcher.

Chip is an important professor in the Geology and Geophysics department and the UH School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology (SOEST). At the time, and as a significant contributor to the department’s research, Chip had about 10 graduate students that he fully funded who were mostly doing research in coastal geology and sea level change. Chip had a potential project for me that he had funding for. He offered me th...

By: deltadataservices | September 26, 2017

Before I graduated from Bowdoin, I didn’t know what I wanted to do. One day the Guidance Counselor called me and asked me if I had plans for after college and what geographical area I wanted to live in. I told her I thought I could teach since I had been a camp counselor. I also told her I wanted to teach anywhere warm; I was tired of the cold Maine winters by this point.

I applied to a few schools and soon my guidance counselor sent me the information for Punahou School in Honolulu, Hawaii with a note saying ‘Is this warm enough for you?’ I was very excited about the possibility of moving to a warm, beautiful place like Hawaii. I applied for the position teaching high school biology and integrated science. When I had my interview for the ...

By: deltadataservices | September 19, 2017

Another place I found myself when I came to the US for college was at Camp Calumet Lutheran. Camp Calumet is in the white mountains of New Hampshire on the shores of Ossipee Lake in Freedom, New Hampshire. Camp Calumet is a resident camp for campers from about 7 years old until high school with departments like Field Sports, Swimming, Boating, Arts & Crafts and much more. Campers in the oldest grades also go on day and overnight hiking or canoeing trips. Calumet also has inner city day camps that I’ll talk more about a little further down.

Many of the older campers become Counselors in Training (CITs). One of the counselors when I was working at Calumet is now the Camp Director and his brother is the Director of Fundraising. My point i...