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Here's an Entrepreneur Magazine article that resonated greatly with Ebitari. Its 5 lessons from Melanie Perkins, the Australian, 36 year old co-founder of Canva and billionaire.
Delta Data Services has a history of satisfying its clients for 12 years and we're proud to exceed the needs of our customers. Just read our reviews to see for yourself!
Since the pandemic started, we did not get a chance to get together for some business talk and good food. This time, when restaurants are finally opened and life is getting back to normal, our team had a corporate
DDS (Delta Data Services LLC) is known for serving clients wholeheartedly and delivering results. We listen. We analyze. We deliver. Our success is measured by results. We care the most about how our clients feel about their experience with us.
Ebitari's COVID-19 Message for the DDS May 2020 Newsletter
Ebitari's 2019 Reading List (Part 2)
Ebitari's 2019 Reading List
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This is a great article about women in technology from our partners Acxiom Data Enhancement. We wanted to share this article on our website because it resonated so much with us. Go on women in tech, be a bulldog and be proud!

Marty Kurner and Ebitari Larsen at the Rotary Lunch

Today was fun at the Long Beach Rotary Club luncheon. In my opinion it was a showing of women at our finest. Today starts the new fiscal year for Rotary so our new President, a woman, Gail Schwandner, had her debut. She did a great job. I am e...

This is the second part in a series where I am talking about how educational institutions invest in their students for the long term and don't expect to get any returned investment in the institution until at least 20 years from the time of graduation. Incidentally, this is also about how long it t...

I recently posted an article about a high school student who was accepted into all 8 Ivy League universities ( In response to the article, I started thinking why the better higher educat...

In my last blog I talked about how I learned to start campfires as a counselor at environmental camp at Camp Calumet Lutheran. So what should you get out of that blog for business?

  1. Definitely consider sending your children to outdoors camps to learn how to build fires outside. If they ever go campin...

I recently went tent camping with some friends at a campsite in the Central Coast of California, some hours drive from my home. I hadn’t been camping in years and was slightly apprehensive about if I would be able to do all the things that are necessary to have a fun time camping, like lighting a g...