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How to manage Leads using Current Software Methods Infographic.

You've signed up for Zoho Projects Trial or Zoho Project Suite Trial, so now what? We, at Delta Data Services, can offer some local assistance. Before we visit your site or meet at our offices or virtually, it will help us to know a little about your business and how you plan to use Zoho Projects. P...

Today in our blog we bring our re designed Zoho Intake Questionnaire. Check and fill out our most comprehensive questionnaire, it's worth to invest your time to take your business to the next level

This blog is about Our Zoho Slide Deck made specially for you where you can find information about
Zoho One and its 40 + applications
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Apporach to Projects
Zoho CRM's Security Certifications
Subscription plans option
Delta Data Services Consulting Fees
Demo of CRM

I attended Zoho Finance in Pleasanton, CA December 7 and 8, 2017
This is one of the most exciting things I learned ... 

All Zoho Finance Tools use the same database!

What does this mean to you? It means that there is seamless and real-time syncing of data among the finance tools. For example, an...

In my last blog I talked about how I want my staff to have peripheral vision when they are working and to help me look for outliers in their work and report them to me. I likened it to catching a wave during surfing. One must not only paddle into the wave but also look around to see if anyone else ...

The other day I had a real scare with my payroll report. I realized that the way I had it set up, my client would have been reporting 4 times the amount they actually paid me in my 1099 in 2015, all due to 1 incorrect transaction that was 3 times the total of all the correct transactions. I know th...


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