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The Contacts tab is very similar to the other tabs in functionality. The Contact tab mainly houses the contact information for the Accounts. Consider the Accounts as the entities and the Contacts as the people or staff.
This is part 2 of the Contacts Tab blog. In part 1 of the Contact Tab, we walked you through the basics of the Contact tab, Contact profile, and how to edit the Contact. Here we will elaborate Multiple Contacts in Single Account, how to select the Account for the Contact and
Zoho CRM reports are a detailed and informative list of records. Each report provides access to important data required for various purposes. In Zoho CRM, standard reports are provided in various modules,
The module named Potentials has started to roll out, for new customers, this being named Deals by Zoho. It has also been called or renamed (by users, not Zoho) Opportunities. Regardless of the naming convention used, the functionality is the same.
The fastest way to create an Activity is from the Quick Links in any tab. It is always best to make related records from within the related record, as this will populate the related record with the related record information for you.
Users usually don’t want to scroll through a list of irrelevant information just to get to what they’re looking for. And they certainly would like to see the information they need is displayed in a way that suits their business needs.
This section of Zoho CRM Tip focuses on converting a lead to Potential and will take you through all the steps to do the conversion.
Introduction to the Lead Record and records in general in Zoho CRM. These are the features of working in all records in CRM.
The Leads tab of the CRM is the main tab with all the leads listed in it. This tab can be customized per the requirement. The arrangement of the leads can be done through the default views already present there as well as the View can be edited or created.
CRM Chrome plugin for Gmail & Inbox is a free chrome extension that does what its name says, Zoho CRM integration with your Gmail in Chrome browser. In this blog, we will go over the procedure of installing the Zoho CRM Chrome plugin for Gmail.
This is part 2 of the Introduction to CRM Home Tab. In this part, we will cover how to edit the Home Tab.
The Home Tab of CRM indicates progress of all your activities taking place in Zoho CRM. The Home Tab consists of various modules such as Tasks, Potentials, Leads, Dashboards etc.
Zoho CRM User Tip - Overview of List View of a Module
Instructions for how to import Leads in Zoho CRM. Considerations for including the Campaign with the Leads.
Zoho CRM Admin Tip: Map Dependency Fields. How to make a pick list return only the fields related to a given answer on another pick list in Zoho CRM.

Is your CRM data getting larger and larger and more difficult to maneuver? Do you have a hard time keeping track of who is new in your CRM or who you contacted most recently? Do you need to filter out certain records from other records so you can see what you need to see more clearly? Do you revert ...

Zoho Tip: Migrating to Zoho CRM from Another CRM
Ever had issues with the calendar time zone in your CRM? Ever wondered where to incorporate your company logo in your corporate CRM? These are all set in the Personal Settings and Company Details part of the Setup in Zoho CRM.
Zoho CRM Admin Tip Profiles and Roles assign what users can "see" and "do".

Do you have the need at your organization to show certain fields based on if it is one type of customer and other fields if it is another type of customer? Or maybe its not customers but a certain state of the sales process or a certain good or service you sell where you want only certain fields to ...