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Delta Data Services hired Queeneth Odimegwu as a new part-time Business Technical and Sales Analyst. In this post, we highlight some of her achievements and skills that will contribute to the overall organizational success.

Do you have the need at your organization to show certain fields based on if it is one type of customer and other fields if it is another type of customer? Or maybe its not customers but a certain state of the sales process or a certain good or service you sell where you want only certain fields to ...

Zoho Admin Tip - Web Forms
Ebitari's 2019 Reading List
Ebitari's 2018, DDS 10 Year Anniversary, Reading List

Another Zoho Community Meetup is coming to Irvine, California!! Woo, hoo and yay!!  What  a great opportunity  to join Delta Data Services, meet the Zoho staff, get your questions answered and meet other Zoho users and fans as well. We hope to see you in Irvine!

At the end of 2018, Delta Data Services (DDS) became certified as a Zoho 'Projects' Partner. This was a natural fit for DDS as our President and staff are certified Project Managers through the Project Management Institute (PMI) and we were already using some of the Zoho Projects suite extensiv...

Zoho CRM Admin Tip: Tasks and Workflows (Part 2)
Zoho CRM Admin Tip: Tasks and Workflows
The Importance of Business Analysis


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