DDS Offers a Referral Program

02.12.19 03:22 PM Comment(s)

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Delta Data Services offers a ...

This month we want to tell you about the referral program we offer at Delta Data Services. We have found that when clients work with us, they want to share the great news of Zoho and Delta Data Services offerings with their business network, friends, family and neighbors. Well, we take this trust of referrals seriously and we love to honor our referral friends and partners with a referral bonus of 2.5% on all our income from that referral.

So go ahead, make a referral to Delta data Services and we'll thank you with a bonus or bonuses. You can:

  • Fill out our Contact Form
  • Call us at (562) 676-4317
  • Schedule an appointment to discuss your referral on Ebitari's Calendar.


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