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Delta Data Services is a Certified Zoho Projects Partner

03.17.19 10:18 PM Comment(s)

Delta Data Services is a Certified Zoho Projects Partner

At the end of 2018, Delta Data Services (DDS) became certified as a Zoho 'Projects' Partner. This was a natural fit for DDS as our President and staff are certified Project Managers through the Project Management Institute (PMI) and we were already using some of the Zoho Projects suite extensively at DDS.

Yes, indeed, there is a Zoho Projects 'Suite': it consists of:
  • Zoho Projects - supporting waterfall project management methodologies
  • Zoho Sprints - supporting Agile project management methodologies
  • Zoho BugTracker - a bug tracking tool for IT project management projects
  • Zoho Orchestly - for automating workflows in your project
At DDS, we are proud to be certified in the Zoho Projects suite. We are confident in our ability to provide the best service in Zoho Projects since we are certified project managers so we have the full picture of the project management approach including technical and functional requirements.

We are certified in the Zoho Projects suite, but don't forget that Zoho has 40+ applications and there is an application for each of your business needs. For example, throw in:

  • Zoho Books - to integrate time sheets in Zoho Projects with invoicing - amazing!
  • This is just one example and there are many applications that would be beneficial to integrate to the Zoho Projects Suite!
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