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Ebitari's COVID-19 Message for the DDS May 2020 Newsletter

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Ebitari's COVID-19 Message for the DDS May 2020 Newsletter

Good day friends, clients, vendors and supporters of DDS,

We last sent this newsletter with a COVID-19 message from me on March 18th, 2020. So much has happened since then; we have been asked to shelter in place which has increased working from home, schools are all on mobile learning for the indefinite future, nonessential businesses, like retail, have been closed except from mail and pick up orders, restaurants are only allowed to function on delivery and take out orders, and everyone is required to wear masks in businesses (in California at least).

Now, a month and a half later, governments are starting to address reopening and we are all talking about how to resume back to normal life. I am active in my church serving on the board of elders; our head pastor and a team of staff have come up with a 'faithful phasing' plan as are most prepared organizations, planning how to go back to seeing each other in person, something many of miss and find essential to a good life.

At DDS, we are fortunate that our work is mostly remote and we support our clients all over the world using technology to facilitate communication and collaboration. DDS staff have always had the option to work on a flexible schedule and to work from home or the office or a combination of both according to what will make them most productive and able to achieve their requirements. This policy has served us well during the COVID-19 crisis as we have been set up for remote work and able to assist our clients and other members of community without any loss in momentum.

As I said in March, crisis like these are always an important reminder of the resilience and awe of the human spirit ... it is a great blessing to be born human. In these times, we have the opportunity to see humans at their best serving others and working together to make each of our lives better. The following blogs are about some of the ways we are dealing with COVID-19 and seeing our community deal with it. I hope you continue to stay strong, stay resilient, see the good in everything and I hope you enjoy the newsletter.

With great appreciation for all you do for this world,


President, Delta Data Services LLC

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