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July COVID-19 Message from Ebitari

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07.14.20 02:18 PM Comment(s)

July COVID-19 Message from Ebitari

Here we are again about two (2) months after I wrote you in May and California is shutting down again due the the increase in cases of COVID-19. Los Angeles County schools have announced the will continue completely virtually in the fall. The level of uncertainty in how we continue to move forward, stay safe, maintain our livelihoods and communities remains high.

The good news is that we are a lot more prepared for this next wave of closures than we were during the first lock down. Now, for the most part, we can find the supplies we need to keep ourselves safe. I have been able to procure forehead thermometers for my home and office. Masks and hand sanitizer are readily available in stores. While, antibacterial wipes are still in high demand, at least toilet paper is back in regular supply!?

Again this month, my call is to stay positive. If you are a business-to-business vendor like DDS, then know that there are many businesses that are essential and/or growing in this difficult time and they need our support. Continue to look for the opportunities to help and be that neighbor who share their antibacterial wipes they scored at COSTCO!! (my neighbors and I have kept each other in supply for months) or to be that vendor who gives the new payment terms so that a client can better afford their needed services.

In consideration of COVID-19, at DDS, we have started offering a 1-month free trial of our services. We are doing this as it is a feature that we believe our ideal clients will appreciate in this pandemic time and while it has been borne out of a pandemic environment it is based on sound business practice. We believe, our ideal clients and our company benefits from a period of getting to know how each side of the agreement functions to make the decision to enter a business relationship together.

Let's continue to look up and be positive and be the helpers in this difficult pandemic time.

Thinking of you with great care,

Ebitari Larsen

President, Delta Data Services LLC

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