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March 2021 COVID-19 Pandemic Message - Seeing the Light

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03.09.21 04:20 AM Comment(s)

March 2021 COVID-19 Pandemic Message - Seeing the Light

Greeting to all our supporters in March 2021. It's been almost a year since I wrote at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020 and the wonderful reality is that we are starting to see the light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel. There has been so much suffering and loss during this pandemic - from family and friends dying (over 500,000 in the US now***) to women being disproportionately impacted by the pandemic in terms of their work losses and other family-related impacts.*

But now, people are getting vaccinated and lots of them. In Long Beach, health care and emergency workers, teachers, food and grocery workers are vaccinated and people over 65 are  being vaccinated right now as well as people 16 to 64 with disabilities**. With the vaccine comes hope and optimism again. My sons just had his 10th birthday and people are really ready to get together again. His friends and their families, wore masks and hung out outside and everyone seemed to be breathing out in relief.

My daughter talked me into making a balloon arch for my son's birthday parade. It was the first balloon arch I had made and I went for it with gusto wanting to make my son's 10th birthday memorable even in light of the pandemic. What the arch reminded me of was just this hopefulness that is coming back into the air.

I'm sending you lots of encouragement and comfort during this time. Let's all go 'through' the pain and feel the real pain of the devastation of this pandemic. At the same time, Easter is round the corner, people are getting vaccinated and a new world is developing. Let's allow ourselves to be relieved and breathe 'out' and feel the hope.

Thinking of you and wishing you all the best during this difficult time.

Ebitari Larsen


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