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New DDS Financial Management App

07.27.19 08:14 PM Comment(s)

Launching!! Launching!! 

Delta Data Services has recently Implemented an App for Financial Management!

Financial Management means planning, organizing and controlling the financial activities of a family or organization. Overall, the financial management is generally concerned with procurement, allocation and control of financial resources. Delta Data Services has recently developed a Financial Application targeted towards Financial Planners, otherwise known as Financial Advisors or Financial Managers.


Delta Data Services (DDS) integrated many innovative, upgraded workflows, automations, customizations and templates into this application – mainly to assist advisors manage organizational funds and client’s wealth. With DDS Financial App, comes a plethora of added customizations that works simultaneously to ensure that all parts of financial management are incorporated. DDS Financial App runs on Zoho One and includes applications such as:

  • Zoho Books: Record time spent on services rendered, then automatically invoice from timesheet. Create an invoice when a deal is closed.
  • Zoho Sign: Sign documents such as advisor approval form and attach to the specified contact
  • Zoho Forms: Client securely submit their data to CRM and add spouse and dependents
  • Zoho Sites: Access the form for your client intake questionnaire
  • Zoho Mail: see email associated to clients and their families
  • Client Portals: clients can see their CRM data, signed documents and estimates and invoices.
  • Alerts: Receive email alerts for important reminders and new data in the system
  • Zoho Analytics: critical reports to the Financial Planner covering sales and operations

We greatly acknowledge that financial matters are a critical aspect of managing a family or organization hence, our decision to build a platform that embeds all the important techniques that make up a comprehensive financial management approach.

Demo Video

Learn more about the DDS Financial App and turn around your Systems!!
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