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Zoho CRM  Admin Tip: Layouts versus Field Rules for Profile Management

06.09.19 11:50 PM Comment(s)

Zoho CRM  Admin Tip: Layouts versus Field Rules for Profile Management

Do you have the need at your organization to show certain fields based on if it is one type of customer and other fields if it is another type of customer? Or maybe its not customers but a certain state of the sales process or a certain good or service you sell where you want only certain fields to show in one scenario and not in another scenario.

Here are a couple examples of needing different fields because of different customers or services from my clients:

  1. One client owns a yachting company. They sell yacht tours but they also sell yachts. For the yacht tour sales, they would need sales people to enter different fields than when a yacht is being sold.
  2. Another client sells internet via satellite dish in Nigeria. The have their existing customer base but then they got a new project to upgrade a new type of satellite dish around the country. They want to keep their current customer profiles separate from the new upgrades based on different types of satellite dishes.
  3. Another customer is both a logistics company and a warehousing company. They want to keep the profiles for the two types of customers distinct since  they collect different types of data (fields) about the different services they provide.

In all three cases, I proposed to customers two options to deal with having multiple profiles for different types of customers or services or verticals.
  1. Use multiple Layouts; one for each type of customer
  2. Use Field Rules based on a pick list that differentiates the two types of customers

When should you use multiple Layouts versus Field Rules.
  1. Use multiple Layouts
    1. When there are complex permission structures for who can see what types of profiles
    2. There are no more than 5 different types of Layouts you require
    3. You need more than 25 fields in a section to show or hide in a profile
  2. Use Field Rules
    1. When you have less than 25 fields to show or hide - consider putting fields in sections and showing or hiding the sections.
    2. See the Layout rules limits in this article. Some of the limits include 10 rules per layout and as mentioned 25 actions per rule section.

Multiple Layouts

Go to Setup, then Customization, then Modules and Fields.

Select the module you want to create a new Layout in. In this case, we'll select Leads.

Click on '+ Create New Layout' to add a new layout.

Select the Layout to clone.

Name the layout and Save. Add fields as you would normally (see our blog on fields). The new fields on this Layout won't be on the other layouts. If you hide fields in this Layout it won't affect the other Layouts.

When you return to the Layout menu, you can set the permissions of the Layouts. Click on the three dots that come up next to the name of the Layout and then click Layout Permissions. Select what Profiles will see the different Layouts.

In the list view, of the Layouts, click 'Layout Assignments' to set the default layout for each  profile. This is important especially until staff get used to working with multiple layouts.

For Lead conversion mapping, ensure to set the layouts to convert into one another. See our blog on Lead conversion mapping.

Field Rules

Go to the Setup, then Customization, then Modules and Fields.

Select the module you want to create a new Layout in. In this case, we'll select Leads.

Select Layout Rules, the second menu in this page. Click '+New Layout Rule', to create a new Layout Rule.

Name the rule and write a description. Select the Layout to apply the rule to. Select the field for the condition and select what the condition is.

Select, 'Next'. Note the layout rules work best on pick lists but not lookup fields. Select the field you want to base the rule on.

Set the condition of the rule and the outcome. There are four outcomes:

  1. Show fields
  2. Show Sections
  3. Set mandatory fields
  4. Show sub forms
You can set multiple conditions.

Now when you select an option in the a Lead Profile, the respective fields, sections, mandatory fields or sub forms will show.

In this example, when the Lead Source Advertisement is picked, then the section called Advertisement will show.

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