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Zoho CRM Admin Tip: Tasks and Workflows (Part 1)

03.16.19 06:03 PM Comment(s)

Zoho CRM Admin Tip: Tasks and Workflows (Part 1)

Tasks in Zoho CRM are essentially 'to-dos' - they are a way to set reminders for yourself or your staff reminding you what you wanted to do. The characteristics of a Task, that differentiates it from other 'Activities', is that it has a 'Due Date' and a 'Status'. The Due Date is when you want to complete the tasks and the Status, which is fully customization, is that state the Task is in for example, the default states are:

  • Not Started'
  • In Progress
  • Completed
  • Waiting on Someone Else

and again you can customize some of  them to what you want.

You can also set an immediate email alert when a Task is created. You can also set reminders for the Task and these can even be recurring until the Task is marked Completed. I'll show screenshots for where to set these up below.

The second part of this blog focuses on the fact that Tasks can be used in workflows. This means that you can set an action that when a record is created or edited, or a field is updated, or a specific time frame is reached, then a Task is automatically created and assigned to a specified user.

Let's dive in and see how the Tasks work in this blog and how workflows with Tasks work in the next blog.

Creating a Task through the Front End of CRM

To create a Task through the front end of CRM, go to the Activities Module and Select  the '+Task' button.

When the tasks opens, there are several fields to input information. Note: you can customize the names and options in pick lists in many of these. You can also add your own custom fields to the Task.

Update the Subject of your Task. Here you can enter a value of your own or you can pick from other options that drop down. Tasks are the only of the 3 types of Activities where you can add a pick list to the Subject. These Subject options are customizable and I'll show you how to edit them later in this blog.

If you want to assign the Task to another user, change the Task Owner as shown in the screenshot. You will be take to a screen asking if you want to alert the user that they have been assigned the tasks and opt for that according to your requirements.

Set the Due Date for your Task.

Next, associate the Task to a Contact and/or Account or other type of record (Lead, Deal, Invoice etc.). If you click the arrows next to Contacts, you can opt to associate the Task to a Lead as well. If you select the arrow next to Account you can opt to associate the Task to a Deal or Invoice record etc. Its imperative to associate your Tasks to the records they relate to if that is your requirements. You can also easily make this association by creating the Task from the related list of the record such as Contact or Account and these fields will auto populate. See the next two screen shots.

Below See where you can create a Task from within the related record such as Contact or Account. Here is the first way to relate a Task to another record from within the Record:

Here is the second way to add a new Task from a related record like a Contact.

Now, going back to the Task dialog box. You've associated the task to its related record(s), now update the 'Status'. Statuses can also be customized in the Setup which I'll show you below.

Next update the Priority of the Task as shown below.

Next, you can send an email alert immediately, upon saving the task, by checking the box. This email alert will go to the Owner of the Task. You can also set reminders and repeating reminders (to the Owner of the Task) by checking that box as shown in the screenshot below.

Once you have set all the fields in the Task, Save it and the Task is ready to go.

Customizing the Task in the Administrator Setup in CRM

As mentioned earlier, you can customize the fields and pick list values in the Task in the Administrator Setup of Zoho CRM. In the next screen shots, I show you how to customize the Task fields.

First go to the two tools in cross hair in the upper right corner of CRM, indicating the Setup. Then go to Customization, then Modules and Fields.

The list of modules will show in the next screen. Select to edit the Tasks module (which is a part of the Activities module).

In the next screen, pick the Task Layout you want to edit. In this example, there is only one Layout, the Standard Layout, for the Task.

In the next screen you are able to customize and add new fields. To customize fields, hover over the right of the field and three dots will show up. Then click the three dots and a dialog box will pop up where you can edit the field properties and more.

This next screen shot shows editing the pick list for  the status field. You can add and delete and relocate the pick list options. You can also use the '+ Add Options in Bulk' to enter batches of pick list options or select preset options like days of the week, months of the year, US state etc.

By now, you should have a good grasp of how the CRM Tasks work. In the second part of this blog post, I'll go over how to setup an automatic Task to be created in a Workflow in Zoho CRM. 

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