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Zoho One Tip: Is Zoho Sign Secure?

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04.17.20 09:16 PM Comment(s)

Zoho One Tip: Is Zoho Sign Secure?

Zoho Sign is an essential tool for many businesses including in the insurance, health and financial industries for signing documents. Zoho Sign is a way for businesses to collect verified digital signatures on documents that will function as legal documents.

I've had a few people ask me if Zoho Sign is secure. The concern is that they don't want their documents to be exposed to the public during transfer and get into the wrong hands who can then access private information.

The answer is  that Zoho Sign is secure and on two levels that I want to address.

  1. The first is that you can assign secure two-factor authentication on the documents to sign. 
  2. The second is that signers have the option to sign into a portal to access their documents.

I'll show both levels of security below.

Integrate your Zoho Sign, in Zoho One, into your Zoho CRM then go to the customer or prospect you need to sign a document and click the button for 'Send for Zoho Sign'.

Opt to use a Zoho Sign Template for this example.

Select your Zoho Sign template.

You must have already created this template in Zoho Sign. We will provide another blog on creating Zoho Sign templates.

The CRM data autopopulates into the fields required for the Zoho Sign template if the setup on Zoho Sign is done correctly.

Scroll down to the bottom of this section to where the Recipients are listed.

Then you have the option to set an authetication by clicking the button shown.

You can authenticate by:

  • Email - an email authentication will be sent to the emails associated to the recipients that cannot be altered.
  • Offline - you will gain access to the authentication code and you can send it to the recipients.
  • SMS - to use SMS you must have an SMS provider integrated into your CRM.

Click 'Next' to go to the next screen. You can also click 'Quick Send' to skip the details and send the document direcly from this screen.

In the next screen, you will be able to set if the document should be sent to all recipients at one or in the offer of which the signatures were inserted in the list shown.

In this screen, also confirm who needs to sign.

Also, confirm that the authentication is on as the two, key buttons are green.

Click 'Continue".

If you have multiple signers on your document, they will be color coded as shown in the screenshot.

Confirm sending the document for signature and the document will be delivered via email to the signers.

Recipient receives Zoho Sign invitation in their email.

Recipient clicks the link in their email to start signing the document.

This is what it looks like when the recipient gets to the authentication screen.

The recipient will receive a second email after they reach the authentication screen with the authentication code in it.

The recipient will receive the authentication code in an email like is shown in the screenshot.

These are the steps the recipient will go through to sign the document.

They must first accept the 'Electronic Record and Signature Disclosure' shown at the top of the screenshot.

The recipients enters their required fields and signs.

Note the other recipient is not editable right now.

This is what the recipient's signature might look like when complete int he screenshot shown.

This is what the final step of the signing looks like as shown in the screenshot.

The recipient will need to click 'Finish' or 'More actions' to complete the signature.

Portal Access to Zoho Sign Documents

Recipients can sign into their Zoho Sign account and see their processed documents.

This screenshot shows the 'Received' Zoho Sign documents for this Recipient.

Recall how we started the signature for a document in Zoho CRM. Well, you can share the Zoho CRM portal with the recipient and they can have access to all their signed documents with your organization.

This screenshot shows the Zoho CRM portal for the organization and the ZohoSign Documents tab showing the documents sent to the contact associated to this portal access.

There are several levels of portals available to your in Zoho CRM. There is a very effective free version of the portal as well as more advance, paid versions of the portal for greater user requirements.

I hope I have set you at ease that your documents in Zoho Sign can be authenticated and secured for your organization's requirements.

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