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Zoho One is Amazing for Remote Work

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03.09.20 09:46 PM Comment(s)

Zoho One is Amazing for Remote Work

Remote work has been praised for its many benefits including cost savings for the company, flexibility and fulfillment for employees, reduced impact of global climate change from transportation and more. again. Now, with a global awareness of the important steps that need to be taken to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, many companies are asking their employees to work from home until the virus is stopped or eradicated. Zoho One is a special answer to this request for your employees to work remotely during this time and all the time.

DDS is pleased to present Zoho One - the software that offers the most flexibility for remote work during times like these when organizations are taking preventative measures against the Coronavirus. All you need to access your collaboration tools and all your data in Zoho One is an Internet connection. You will access all your applications and data via a browser window from any location you like.

Notice that all of Zoho's over 10,000 employees are working, seamlessly from home right now until the threat of the virus is over.
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Work from Anywhere and Don't Miss a Beat

Most importantly, Zoho One offers many applications ensuring effective communication between employees and departments in the company anywhere when they work remotely including:

  • Zoho Meeting - A perfect web conferencing tool to host online meetings, share screen and join conference with video collaboration in browser.  With this app, you can:
    - Schedule meetings and webinars 
    - Start meetings and webinars 
    - Host instant meetings 
    - Share your screen or an application during meetings and webinars 
    - Change your account settings

  • Zoho Assist - Your one-stop solution for remote support, screen sharing and remote access helps you access remote desktop of your customers for technical assistance or share your screen and manage unattended computers easily. It is also an effective tools using for training new employees remotely.
  • Zoho Cliq - A chat application that helps you stay connected and collaborate with teams at your workplace. It simplifies your team communication with organized conversations, information that's easy to find and by connecting to the tools you love.
  • Zoho Mail - A way to secure email hosting for your business. With this app, you can Host your business emails on a secure, encrypted, privacy-guaranteed, and ad-free email service.
  • Zoho Show - An online tool for making powerful presentations. It allows users to share & collaborate on presentations and make remote presentations to clients. 
  • Zoho Showtime - a single, comprehensive training solution for trainers, Human Resources, sales and marketing professionals. Host both live virtual training and offer self-paced courses.

  • Critical applications that keep your business at the forefront

    In addition, some other essential applications offered by Zoho One for continuity of business operations remotely include:   

                                                                             Essential Applications

  • Zoho CRM - Continue selling and collaborating to support your customers from anywhere.
  • Zoho Books - Income and expense management, collection and dissemination is at your fingertips from anywhere.
                                                                       Other Applications
  • Zoho Social - Posting to all social media sites from one location.
  • Zoho Sign - Remotely signed documents with certificates of signatures and other verification.
  • Zoho Desk - An advanced technical support with knowledge bases, email, chat, connect phone lines and more ...
  • Zoho Campaigns - Keep in touch with your customers through beautiful and pertinent email marketing and SMS messages.
  • They are all important for working remotely since the performance is absolutely not inferior when working directly at the headquarters.

    Please contact us so we can set up a 'virtual' meeting and we can answer any questions you have about Zoho One and how it can assist your company with remote working.


    We look forward to hearing from you soon.

    ***Breaking News***

    Zoho has made Zoho Remotely (All tools need you need to work remotely) available free of cost until July 1st 2020. Check it out using this link.

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