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August is National Black Business Month 2022

Delta Data Services LLC
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August is National Black Business Month 2022

August is Black Business Month 2022

Black businesses account for almost 10% of U.S. businesses and about 30% of minority-owned businesses. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, that equals to 2 million businesses run by Black Americans and even more. Black businesses contributed up to $165 billion in revenue and created more than 1 million jobs. If we take a look at Black women-owned companies, about 35% of Black-owned businesses are led by women,

There are two simple practical ways to celebrate National Black Business Month on both social media and in person. You can use the hashtags like #SupportBlackBusiness, #ShopBlackOwned, #NationalBlackBusinessMonth, #BlackOwned and #Blackmakers on social media to promote Black-owned businesses to potential customers and investors online. In person, you can buy products and services from Black businesses this month to help boost sales and strengthen communities.

Ebitari Isoun

Meet Our President, Ebitari Isoun

DDS (Delta Data Services LLC) is a women-led black-owned business. Over the years, Ebitari Isoun has served the  in the digital data industry helping clients nationally and across the border. She is empowered by her very deep-rooted identity of culture and strength. DDS is a dignified business which works on the moral code and ethics of diversity.

With compassion and the thought, Ebitari built a legacy that represented a black women in the technology sector and advanced business intelligence. It is no less than a revolution to make a presence so strong in address the challenges faced by the corporations and individuals. Based in Long Beach, California DDS is a great example of black-owned business which you can support this National Black Business Month 2022.

You can sign up to Black Enterprise Magazine for all the news on the Black business. While the purpose of National Black Business Month is to shine a spotlight on Black-owned businesses in August, it’s vital to promote them year-round. Support your favorite Black-owned businesses and spread the word!

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