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Best Strategies for Constructing Modern Business Intelligence Team

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04.04.22 10:28 PM Comment(s)

Best Strategies for Constructing Modern Business Intelligence Team

Organizations must be able to obtain and evaluate data in order to make choices. That is exactly what BI teams are in charge of. They look at data for trends and patterns, then make suggestions to executives depending on what they discover. According to a Gartner Inc. survey of over 1,500 firms globally, 25-35 percent of executives interviewed were aggressively growing their business intelligence investment. According to a research conducted by Information Management Magazine, 43% of businesses have increased BI positions since 2010, with 40% expecting to do so in the next 12-18 months.*

Enterprises looking to expand BI use may consider building an advanced BI team comprising of 4 major roles - the IT Specialist, Analyst, Designer and Director. 
IT Specialist: working in data technology, who has been in their position with substantial experience of understanding business and it complexities with the implication of automation. 
Analyst: who can launch versatile graphics, models and representations of the business with the combination BI tools and company data.
Designer: possibly create interactive dashboards and visuals. They need to experimental and an expert in their role for functional results..
Data Director: overlooks terms for data governance, privacy and company's ethics as they appear through the IT team to the BI team, and from there to direct users.

Most organizations already have some simple form of analytics activated, with the help of spreadsheets and basic level tools. But there are many other factors that contribute to the success of a BI team - structure and governance, proven methodology, skilled team members, collaboration and leadership. The increasing importance of BI teams means that data has become essential for running a business effectively.

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