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DDS is Thinking About You - We Care About Your Health and Well-being

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03.31.20 08:48 PM Comment(s)

DDS is Thinking About You - We Care About Your Health and Well-being

Thank you for being a loyal readers of DDS and a part of our family. If you missed our last newsletter,  Delta Data Services President, Ebitari Larsen, had this message about COVID-19 that we want to share with you.

At Delta Data Services, we are thinking of all our clients, vendors, supporters, family members and friends who are directly impacted by the Coronavirus right now. Our hearts go out to you as we know this is an anxious time for you and also it is anxious for us. We will continue to pray that you see the strength of the human spirit and the positivity that can come from times like these. 

We will continue to support you remotely in any of your software needs to reach the outcomes you require at your businesses during this difficult time.

Thank you for being a valued member of our community.

God-speed to you,

Ebitari Larsen, MS, PMP

President, Delta Data Services

Stay Safe and Remember to

  • Wash your hands frequently - Regularly and thoroughly clean your hands with an alcohol based hand rub or wash them with soap and water.

  • Maintain social distancing - Maintain a distance of at least one meter (three feet) from anyone who is ill or shows symptoms.

  • Wear a mask - Wear a mask to help others and yourself as well.

  • Stay home - Symptoms include a cough, fever, and fatigue. Practice home quarantine and social distancing to stay safe from the outbreak. Protect yourself and others during this crisis.

    Thank you,
    Delta Data Services Team
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