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DDS Offers Futuristic Business Intelligence Trends for 2022

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01.06.22 01:05 PM Comment(s)

DDS Offers Futuristic Business Intelligence Trends for 2022

The business intelligence industry has substantially grown in 2021 all over the world. Its 2022 and BI processes are evolving and in this particular year business intelligence trends will come out in full maturity that we need to keep an eye on. In 2022, business intelligence automation will become gradually customized. Organizations now are demanding the best BI solution rather than just access to data analytics. Delta Data Services brings you futuristic business intelligence trends for 2022 curated with futuristic research and 2021 successful trends.

Let's take a look at Business Intelligence Trends 2022 

Business Intelligence trends 2022 infographic

Artificial Intelligence:
The most important trend in BI is the integration of AI and machine learning. 
IDC analyst Dan Vesset. has declared the integration as “A new era of augmented analytics”. The goal is to handover power and intelligence to the businesses which can make them data scientists at the same time. This bridge the gap between the machines and enterprises. 

Data Security:
After Covid-19 when business turned more digital, data security has become more of a concern as cyber space has grown for the cybercriminals to attack. Online business intelligence tools are now increasingly subjected to security risks and to counter it cybersecurity mesh is introduced which is expected to reduce the data breaches and attacks in 2022.

Data Quality Management & Data Discovery:

Businesses ranked data management and data discovery as their top priority followed by AI and machine learning in a research from BARC. Its obvious that business owners want to strengthen the very basis and then move to AI. Example of bad data quality and discovery could be an ambiguously generated operations payroll or budget.

Data Analytics:
Incorporating live dashboards into your business operations can save time by highlighting only the relevant insights as the need for up-to-date data has become more significant.

Data Literacy:
By the end of 2022 data literacy will become a vital business driving force. 
With tech integration, data science has advanced and predictive analytics will be more accessible to administrative staff in near future.. 

Data Automation:
Business intelligence has introduced many automation possibilities so expectedly in 2022 we are to see more of it. Businesses are all set to jump on this trend of automation by utilizing multiple tools and technologies for various processes.  AI, machine learning, low-code, and no-code tools, among others to build data automation.

Collaborative BI:
The collaborative BI is a set of collaboration tools, including social media and other 2.0 technologies, with online business intelligence tools to fastpace business process and reporting.

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