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DDS Shares 5 Leadership Mistakes to Avoid From Entrepreneur Magazine

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12.23.21 12:20 PM Comment(s)

Ebitari Shares The 5 Leadership Mistakes to Avoid From Entrepreneur Magazine

Entrepreneur Article by Doreen (Clark) Pierce

The Covid crises are not over yet and we all are fighting deliberately to get back to normal but would that normal be a new normal or old one? The pandemic has affected and jolted the businesses from the very roots to all branches, employers and employees alike. It has shifted the business'  power to the employees. Good talent is an enterprise' asset and seeing all that walk out the door is challenging, but losing top workers is even harder — and happening quite often now. Also when great employees leave, productivity downplays, goodwill suffers, and colleagues are thrust with extra workloads. Ebitari is a keen reader of such articles that focuses on the corporate solutions and shares her readers. 

Here's an Entrepreneur Magazine article that draws attention to the 5 common mistakes businesses make that cause the talent to quit their jobs.

Find the Entrepreneur Magazine Article Here

DDS believes in teamwork and listening to its employees and catering to their needs. Corporate challenges need corporate solutions and these great articles by corporate magazines like Entrepreneur always give the right direction to the struggling business owners and we appreciate it.

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