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DDS - Technical Support Services for technology of all kinds during this uncertain time

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DDS - Technical Support Services for technology of all kinds during this uncertain time

Thank you for being an amazing part of Delta Data Services community and a loyal reader. While the US economy is working through this time of uncertainty with the Coronavirus, many businesses have asked their employees to work remotely. At Delta Data Services, we are working remotely and we want to offer our technical expertise to you during this difficult time.

We, at Delta Data Services, are experienced in many technologies and we have the expertise to assist you where you may be having difficulties. We are offering our assistance if you have having technical issues at home with your computer or difficulties with video conferencing or your children's remote learning tools or any other technical issues. If you, or anyone you know, needs help right now, we are offering our technical support.

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Technical Support email:

Tech Support Line 1: 562-285-3985

Tech Support Line 2: 562-485-9070 

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We are praying for you and us all in this difficult time. We wish you all strength, good health and peace of mind during this time. Remember, we are always ready to help you anytime. Please lean on us if you require assistance.

Thank you again.

Our Technology Specialties

Anthony De Vito

We want to give a "shout out" to Anthony De Vito, the man who suggested that we make this offer to assist businesses and individuals with their technical support issues at this uncertain time of the Coronavirus.

If you require esteemed clean transportation services, please know that Anthony De Vito is a great person whom we appreciate at Delta Data Services:

Anthony De Vito

Clean Transportation Manager

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(310) 738-3710

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