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DDS Wishes You All a Happy & Heartwarming Easter

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04.16.22 10:21 AM Comment(s)

DDS Wishes You All a Happy & Heartwarming Easter

"Easter spells out beauty, the rare beauty of new life."
-S.D Gordon

Spring is a time for reflection and honoring the tremendous renewal that is taking place all around us. It's that time of year again— stores brimming with brilliantly painted and chocolate-filled eggs, beautiful rabbits peeking out from store shelves, vivid flower decorations aplenty, and summer rising through the cracks – Easter it is! While churches are decorated to commemorate Jesus Christ's resurrection, children and adults are getting ready to exchange presents and eat hot cross buns. With mass prayers beginning on Good Friday and ending on Easter Sunday, the festive mood is rung in for a week. The date for this year's celebration is April 17th.

During this season of reflection, Christians all around the world, find solace in thoughts of renewal, hope, faith, and love of neighbor. Grace and compassion have always been a feature throughout DDS' decades of service to clients, eliminating racial disparities, spreading harmony, and assisting people in recovering from corporate crisis. Our corporate vision is led by the guiding principle of streamlining the businesses around the world.

We extend gratitude to all of our team members who are serving with compassion, and give thanks to DDS clients, partners and sponsors who are honoring Good Friday and Easter. We wish you a healthy and safe holiday. The team at DDS sends you our heartfelt wishes this blessed weekend - Happy Easter to you and your loved ones! We hope this season fill your homes with all the joy, peace, love, happiness, and sweetest things in life! May your basket be filled with Easter eggs and your life filled with joy during this holiday season. 

"Wishing you sunshine, good times, and a very happy Easter!"

From our family to yours, a very Happy Easter!!
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