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Driving Tech Industry Towards Gender Equality

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03.23.22 11:57 AM Comment(s)

Driving Tech Industry Towards Gender Equality

Gender Equality in IT World

In spite of a number of surveys concluding that unbiased gender teams conduct better operations, gender equality and underrepresentation of women remain a crucial issue in the tech business, and women are still substantially given lesser opportunities in the IT world. Although the gender diversity graph is improving, the gender gap in the IT industry is still conspicuous. I’m lucky to represent an international data solutions brand (Delta Data Services LLC) which celebrates diversity and whose percentage of female employees is in majority—almost 90 percent. But we’d like the number to grow even bigger, in all tech businesses.

Gender Gap Research

The World Economic Forum's Global Gender Gap Report 2019 reveals that we have closed 68% of the gender gap worldwide. As per the survey, it is predicted that it will take 108 years to attain gender parity and 202 years to reach full fledged gender equality in workplace. Hiring more women and incorporating a woman in the recruitment process is an excellent way to eliminate any bias inside an organization. This will give both new employees and the organization a unique perspective. Candidates are more likely to accept a job offer from a firm where they interviewed with both male and female IT managers and executives, according to research.

A Collaborative Change

Change may begin on a small scale, perhaps even inside a single team. It can, however, progress to bringing about change throughout the organization. It can be as minute as being a good listener to your colleague or employee, regardless of their gender or seniority in the workplace. It's about discovering and developing your personal capacity to care for others, no matter  of their gender or sexual orientation. Let's take that easy step further this International Women's Day and Women's History Month as a tech community and include all genders in a team.

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