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Ebi Shares Black to Business Podcast Interview

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04.30.22 10:37 AM Comment(s)

Ebi Shares Black to Business Podcast Interview

Black to Business is a community that brings the resources and connections to entrepreneurs of African descent. It brings economic prosperity to the Black community through business creation corporate assistance. We achieve this by giving talented Black entrepreneurs wanting to turn their knowledge and expertise into a business, with business resources in a centralized location. This ultimately fosters economic growth and positions Black business owners as competitors in the global market.

Our President, Ebitari Larsen appeared as a guest in the recent episode of Black to Business Podcast where she discussed the importance of data for businesses and how business intelligence and reporting has enhanced business performance.

Listen to Podcast Here

During the Episode You Will Learn:

  • How to use data to influence your business decisions

  • What data you should track 

  • Tips on using data to find customers who are loyal and ready to buy

  • How to use data to track company performance

  • What Business Intelligence is, and how to use it to make smarter, data-driven decisions

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