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How to Qualify Leads with Zoho CRM?

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How to Qualify Leads with Zoho CRM?

Lead qualification is the phenomenon of separating the cotton from the seeds, highlighting your decision, and then contacting potential clients which means finding out the legitimate lead through continuous follow-up. Once you have the right list worth connecting, they are converted to contacts. This systematic process of lead qualification saves time and administrative resources, enhances the conversion rate, as well as prevents you from a bad impression and rejections from prospects that are not potential leads.

Why do businesses need to qualify leads?
Not all the prospects are worth reaching out. A lot of people will get frustrated or reject the proposal or refer you to someone else. Pitching to the uninterested prospects could be a wastage of time and energy. Lead qualification saves you from this. So, the more high quality of lead qualification process, the more good performing leads you achieve—which is a vital start to the successful sales funnel.

How to qualify leads?
The lead status field helps you to highlight the priority and position of certain lead. Workflows can be set to automation for the updating of contents in the record match specific conditions. The lead status can be updated according to the progress in the dealing of the sales rep with the lead.

Manually Changing Lead Status: You can manually change the lead status by updating Zoho CRM record. Manual lead status updating could be time taking and prolonging but it is the complete procedure.
Automatically Changing Lead Status: An organization with an Enterprise license for Zoho CRM can use an automated lead qualification process to qualify leads systematically You can add leads into Zoho CRM using Zoho Forms and automatically qualify leads.

To search for the desired prospects, look for what makes your leads most effective to your company.

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