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Laserfiche is at the Heart of Universities' Virtual Education

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Laserfiche is at the Heart of Universities' Virtual Education

In universities and colleges, remote classes has been praised for its many benefits including cost savings and time efficiency which helps students manage their study-work schedule more effectively. They are the heart of online degree programs, and a convenient, central place where your university courses take place. 

With a rise of technology, everything becomes more virtual, and virtual classes might be considering to become the latest trend for all universities and colleges. We might want to take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of virtual classes. But first, let's start with the benefits:

  • Effective time management - Nothing looks happier than a student who can achieve their work-life balance. By choosing the best study environments that work best for them, students can save many hours on commuting back and forth from home to the classes.

  • Convenience - Virtual classes remove time and place restrictions since they allow student the  access to coursework from anywhere at any time. They can absolutely choose a time that fit best for their busy schedule. They can also access to the course while they are out of town. All they need is a laptop or other digital devices Internet connection. Most importantly, students don't have to take the tests at the same time like they were in the classrooms. They can totally choose a specific period of the day where they feel strongest and most effective to take the tests, which results in a better average class scores.

  • Sharpened digital skills In addition to gaining direct knowledge from the classroom, through the virtual classroom process, students are also provided with opportunities to train and interact with new technology from many online learning software and platforms. For example, students often use Dropbox as their cloud storage. Moreover, video presentations, collaborations tools such as email communications with classmates and their professionals are extremely useful practices. 

  • Affordable - Compared to setting up a real classroom with equipment like furniture and utilities, virtual classrooms really save a lot on setup costs. These savings can also benefit learners, where they are required to pay less than the tuition fees.

  • Immediate feedback on exams and tests - A big advantage of taking tests online is that students often receive points immediately after they complete the test. Students will not need to feel impatient and pressured for several weeks to know the results of the test. Although the test results do not change, knowing in advance will give students more space to know the weaknesses and gaps in their knowledge base, and make a plan to improve and prepare themselves for the next upcoming exams. 

  • Besides positive factors, there are some issues arise when the universities switch to Remote classes:


  • How to modernize your campus for student success through secure records management and transformational process automation?
  • How to ensure the learning efficiency of students, especially those who are not confident using technology?
  • How ensure all the exams are taken and graded in a fair manner?
  • How to ensure the best communication process between students, faculty, and staffs, as well as the process for projects between students?

    DDS is pleased to present Laserfiche - the software that offers the most flexibility for high level virtual education. All you need to access your collaboration tools and all your data in Laserfiche is an Internet connection. You will access all your applications and data via a browser window from
    any location you like.

  • Now, with a global awareness of the important steps that need to be taken to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, most universities and colleges are switching their on-site classes to remote classes until the virus is stopped. It is even more important to use a tool like Laserfiche.

    According to Nucleus Research ECM Technology Value Matrix 2018, the Laserfiche process automation suite modernizes campus operations and streamlines communications with students, faculty, and staff.  It transforms an entire school education system into a diverse online education system. But first, let's take a look at the two main gates leading into the system called Students Portal and Faculty Portal.

    Student Portal

    The portal is primarily designed for students with a lot of beneficial tools including:

  • Online Access - Provide students access to their instructors, advisors, and tutors, as well as all their student life events.
  • Available online learning resources - Since going to the Library is not always a good idea, the only learning resources portal is a great replacement tool. Students can access the Internet anywhere off-campus to be able to find the books they are looking for.  Moreover, they will not be charged for textbooks and learning resources., and they Just enter their student info and find everything they need.
  • Convenient student's records and communication - It is much more convenient to check GPA and communicate with classmates and teachers, especially for those who are already afraid to communicate directly.
  • Faculty Portal

    Ensuring effective connection and communication between departments can become a challenge. With a portal primarily designed just for faculty and staff, You can 

  • Promote interdepartmental and school-wide collaboration  - Create a system that not only connects departments but also helps them share and collaborate in a secure location designed just for what they need.
  • Centralize communication - Provide a location to log in to a human resources platform, faculty and staff directory, student information and more.
  • Secured platform - Simplify communication and collaboration with secure, password-protected Portal.

  • According to Dr. Annebelle Nery, VP for Student Success of College of the Desert in Laserfiche Solution - Higher Education Laserfiche provides Seamless transition for students, seamless transition for staff by streamline application compilation and activity tracking for improved faculty support. As a result, universities are able to achieve increased efficiency and transparent communication with smart document management.

    Transform Operations Campus-wide with ​less Manual Work

    From every aspect of the educational environment as well as all departments within the school, Laserfiche is able to take all of them. The most essential elements in an educational system include the following sections:

  • Admissions and Enrollment - Streamline admissions review and approval to create seamless digital experience for prospective students.
  • Faculty Tenure and Promotion - Accelerate tenure review and approval to drive collaborative and intelligent decision-making.
  • Accounting and Finance - Drive compliant and accelerated financial services through integrated workflow automation.
  • Financial Aid - Automate financial aid processing to standardize information capture and accelerate response time for students.
  • Advancement Services - Centralize donor information and facilitate reporting for more targeted constituent outreach.
  • Human Resources - Achieve efficient employee life-cycle management by reducing manual burden on staff.
  • Registrar Forms Processing - Simplify student requests and improve responsiveness through easy-to-use e-forms solutions.
  • Contract Management - Track contract versions and facilitate transparent communications through workflow automation.
  • Grant Administration - Streamline application compilation and activity tracking for improved faculty support. 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Laserfiche Solution - Higher Education
  • Conclusion

    With all of these amazing functions, Laserfiche is absolutely a perfect choice to transfer your universities into a perfect automation virtual education system with better communication, staff efficiency and faster processing. As a result, universities and colleges are able to provide their students beneficial virtual education, which is very suitable for young generation in the Technology era:

  • Career advancement and hobbies- Gives students more flexibility. They can work and fit their work schedule (and their hobbies) around their coursework more easily while balance their social lives, work, family, and still can achieve good results in the classes. Work-life balance is no longer a challenge anymore.
  • Flexible schedule and environment - Students choose their own learning environment that best suits them.
  • Lower costs and debts - Reduce housing, tuition and transportation costs, which translates to lower debts and more savings. 
  • Self-discipline and responsibility -  Online learning requires a lot of self-motivating and time management skills. It helps students become more self-motivated, a trait that will make them stand out in the workplace and beyond.
  • Improved skills in Technology tools - Offers students a very solid foundation of technology experience which is a good start when they graduate and start building their careers. 
  • More choice of course topics - Students can focus on the subject they are interested in and choose from the variety of online courses and programs.

  • Please contact us so we can set up a 'virtual' meeting and we can answer any questions you have about Laserfiche and how it can make your higher education become more virtual.


    We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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