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Laserfiche: Paperless Human Resources Solution

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12.11.21 03:29 PM Comment(s)

Laserfiche: Paperless Human Resources Solution

Human Resources, is a department which entirely depends on document-driven processes. Therefore, it is quickly moving to ECM in past few years to cut the hassle of paperwork and storage. Records management is the practice of filing, retaining and destroying company records in accordance with government and industry regulations. Human Resources calls for regular records management due to a lot of paperwork involved in all processes. 

More and more organizations have been replacing conventional face-to-face human resource management processes with electronic human resource management, E-HRM for short. It embraces e-recruitment and e-learning, the first fields of human resource management to make extensive use of web-based technology. Laserfiche facilitates the Human Resource function to create dynamic and operational capabilities and contributes greatly on HRM effectiveness. Almost all businesses now work on universal access to HR services through tech and web-based applications, dramatically changing the practice of human resource management. These changes often result from the need to cut costs and expand or improve services.

Laserfiche helps to: 

• Streamline HR activities and decrease administrative processes. 

• Reduce HR compliance costs. 

• Compete effectively for global potential. 

• Enhance service and access to data for the staff. 

• Provide real-time metrics and statistics to for better decision-making. 

Paperless office can be a competitive advantage to the organization and its top-level management. With Laserfiche, the empowerment of organizational staff to perform certain chosen HR functions unburden the HR department of these tasks, enabling HR team to focus less on the operational and more on the strategic elements of HR It has also helped lower HR department staffing levels as the administrative burden is lightened. 

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