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Long Beach Uses Virtual Reality to Distract Young Patients

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12.31.21 06:20 PM Comment(s)

Long Beach Uses Virtual Reality to Distract Young Patients

Photo by Brandon Richardson

VR is gaining momentum — not just for video games, but in healthcare too — as recent government initiatives have permitted the use of VR technology more than ever before. Virtual Reality is assisting in many medical processes to do surgeries, aware patients, aid rehab and therapy, and look after of admin work. Long Beach Memorial has introduced the use of VR to young patients going through painful medical treatment to distract them. This process has enabled many teens and children to go through painful medical processes less painfully.

Children need more than medicine. We usually play to normalize the environment for pediatric patients,” said Rita Goshat, director of the Memorial’s Children’s Life Program. .. “Our role is to help patients comfort and distract during procedures that cause discomfort and anxiety.”* VR goggles have proved especially beneficial before and during minor medical procedures and tests. Five VR headsets are donated by Starlight to the Memorial Medical Center—each with 12 scenes and interactive games.**

VR technology has been around since a while and with technology advancements it is now fortunately considered safe for healthcare dept. 
VR is also used to alleviate anxiety in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy as well as distract children from the injections and other frightening treatments. In recent years, virtual reality (VR) has become a promising area of health and science research and the future of healthcare is certainly to be a more virtual experience.



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