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May 2021 COVID-19 Pandemic Message - Back to Life

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05.26.21 01:34 PM Comment(s)

May 2021 COVID-19 Pandemic Message - Back to Life

Greetings! Since March when I last wrote you about seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, these past months have been very transitioning for the Covid-19 situation. 2021 has brought the ray of hope with the vaccination being made and supplied to the general public and I can see us getting back to life as we knew it now. Now, more than 50% of adult population in the United States have received first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine* and life is getting back to normal slowly and gradually

Although getting back to normal is hard, especially after a collective trauma, I see people everywhere gearing up to attend sports events, live concerts and enjoy the hot food served right in the restaurant even though we still prefer to eat on the patio. Here in the US, vaccination centers are seen actively taking part in ongoing mass immunization of the citizens. Luckily, Long Beach has opened up vaccinations to 16 and older** and now California is statewide making 12 and up eligible for the Covid-19 vaccine***.  

I got my vaccine shot earlier this month ....Woo, hoo!!! The vaccine was by Johnson & Johnson (the infamous 'one and done' shot!) and was administered at the California State University Los Angeles by the military. I felt mixed emotions of joy (I felt grateful to be able to received the vaccine), loss (of this time at home with family in quarantine and the slowness of it all) and relief (we have lost so many loved ones during this challenging time and glad the deaths will finally subside) as I finally felt protected against the virus and safe to go out.. The vaccination staff had been very kind and fully equipped. My kids were so excited to see when I came home with a band aid on my right arm. I had a little pain and redness at the injection site and some discomfort overnight but no major issues, as some people experienced - I am so grateful.

The month of May is a blessed month and as summer approaches, we continue to be safe and diligent while grateful for the all the progress we’ve made and how far we’ve come. I would like to assure you that we at DDS we remained operational and continued to provide our impactful business services to clients, businesses, startups and non-profit organizations globally. We helped our clients to stay organized and connected to their workspace through our integrated software even when working from home. 

Despite being vaccinated, I will continue to wear a mask and social distance and I request you to do the same until we attain herd immunity. Wishing positivity and safety to you as we are heading towards normal again. 

With the warmest regards.

Ebitari Larsen


Delta Data Services LLC





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