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RingCentral: How to Add Extensions

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RingCentral: How to Add Extensions

RingCentral is a cloud-based phone system that helps in secure phone hosting and Internet fax functionality for your corporate use. The intelligent system eliminates the purpose of costly and complex office hardware and enables you to use your smartphone, tablet, computer or dedicated hardware to make and receive calls, giving your customers the idea that you are in a traditional workplace. whether you work remotely.

Extensions in RingCentral are the same as they are on telephone system. The individual handset is assigned to users and they can access their assigned extension to use the RingCentral features independently while staying connected to the admin. 

1. Log in as an admin to your RingCentral account.
2. Navigate to Users > User List > Users with Extensions.
3. Click Add User. The Add Users window appears.
4. Select a Location from the dropdown list in Office User type, then click Select. By default, location is based on the home country of the account.
5. Fill in the basic information about the user. Require unique email IDs is checked by default. You can uncheck it if you don’t want this option. 
6. If you’d like to add more users, enter the number on the field provided, then click Add. You can add up to 24 more users (25 users at a time).
7. Under Phone, RingCentral Phone app is selected by default. Click Select under Number. Select a number from the Number Inventory tab, which has the numbers reserved for their account. Click New Numbers to assign a number. Select the State, Area Code, and a number. Click Done. 
8. Click Next.

We hope you like the guide How to Add Extensions into RingCentral. In case if you have any query feel free to contact us below. 

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