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The Best and Must Social Media Platforms for Your Business

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08.29.22 07:51 AM Comment(s)

The Best and Must Social Media Platforms for Your Business

Every month, a new social media channel pops up to involve the users with new features and give way for brands to launch their social media presence. It gets perplexed. If you need to create a TikTok account? or Reddit? Would Twitter Spaces work for your business? Businesses would be eager to be active on all the available social media channels but is that a valuable and actionable way to proceed?

You need to consider several factors for content preparation and social goals.

1. Facebook

Number of monthly users: 2.89 billion

Demographics: Men and women, ages 18-65 or older
Facebook provides you the opportunity to create a community out of your client base. On Facebook, brief postings like pictures, quizzes, videos, and competitions do incredibly well. You may notify your followers by sending them text updates as well.

2. Twitter

Number of monthly users: 4.48 billion

Demographics: Men and women, ages 18-49
Every business in the world has an account on Twitter to update its customers, and it receives millions of active users each month. This business-focused social network may not have the same widespread user base as Facebook, but it is undoubtedly one of the most open networks on the world.

3. Instagram
Number of monthly users: 1+ billion
Demographics: Men and women, ages 18-64
With a majority of its users under 25, Instagram is one of the newest social media platforms available. It is therefore the ideal social network for businesses or brands that cater to young, trendy clientele. On Instagram, images and brief videos with sparse text do incredibly well.

4. LinkedIn
Number of monthly users: 310+ million
Demographics: Men and women, ages 25-64
LinkedIn is the most professional social network available. It has a large professional network of employees and company owners, making it far more formal than other social media sites. Because of this, its users react to B2B material more
favorably than B2C content.

5. YouTube
Number of monthly users: 2+ billion
Demographics: Men and women, ages 18-65 and older
When you're launching tutorials for your target market, YouTube works really well for product reviews, instructional videos, and other similar types. Additionally, after you upload a video, it will begin to appear in search results on Google and YouTube, and you may promote it on your other social media profiles.

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