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What Are Cookies and How Do They Impact Your Business?

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08.15.22 10:22 AM Comment(s)

What Are Cookies and How Do They Impact Your Business?

Cookies are used to keep track of your online activities. Cookies are essential to your internet experience, whether you use a website on your computer or return to it on your phone. Without cookies, you would need to manually set your preferences for each page you visited. Websites use cookies to save your information.

What are cookies?

When you surf the web, your browser produces and saves bit-sized text files called cookies on your device.

What Is cookie syncing and how does it work?

In order to have a synced user profile across all platforms, cookie synchronization, also known as cookie matching, involves exchanging user data throughout ad exchanges, supply-side platforms, demand-side platforms, and data-management platforms.

  • User accesses a website with an advertising or third-party cookie.
  • A distinctive user ID is created by the demand-side platform.
  • Ad requests are forwarded to data-management platforms via the demand-side platform.
  • The demand-side platform receives an ad request from the browser.
  • The data-management platforms either create a new cookie or examine the request to see whether it already exists.
  • The demand-side platform's user ID is saved by the data management platforms, and it is updated with any new information.
  • The demand-side platform receives user ID from the data management platform.
  • The demand-side platform stores both its own user ID and the user ID of the other platform.

Importance of Cookie Syncing
  • Targeting of audiences

  • More effective audience segmentation

  • Exclusion of converted users

What does this mean for online businesses and organizations?

After third-party cookies, consent has become the new Internet's solid and reliable foundation. There is no way to avoid implementing real end-user consent solutions on your website in order to 1) maintain compliance with the main data privacy laws in the world, 2) improve customer relations, and 3) keep up with the latest consent-focused technologies being developed by Google, Apple, Mozilla, and the other Internet powerhouses.

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