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Zoho CRM Tip: How Bad Data Negatively Affects Your Business

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09.20.22 10:05 AM Comment(s)

Zoho CRM Tip: How Bad Data Negatively Affects Your Business

The term "bad data" may appear ambiguous at first, as organizations are frequently advised to avoid using bad data but do not necessarily know what it is. This inaccuracy does not always suggest that the data is untrue; truthful data might also be inaccurate. Data that is lacking crucial aspects, data that is irrelevant to the reasons for which it is to be used, data that is duplicated, data that is poorly assembled, and so on are examples of bad data. A company's use of faulty data may have a substantial impact on its success and, in some situations, be disastrous. 

It's difficult to fathom how your contact lists became so awful. Years of bad data management (or no data management at all) have most certainly resulted in a disorganized mass of data. Let's go through how it got this way in the first place.

What is bad data in Zoho CRM?
- Invalid or undeliverable emails
- temporary or disposable addresses
- outdated data
- duplicate data
- role-based emails

There is, nevertheless, a ray of light. After all, you can wipe your data. And it doesn't have to be a difficult task.

  • Identify the main sources of bad data 
  • Perform an audit
  • Stop collection of bad data
  • Cleanse your data
  • Integrate your CRM with other systems

Let's be real. Your expanding database is most likely a shambles. Worse, I'm sure most of it is useless. You can't blame technology for not working correctly if you're not providing it with clean data to operate with. This is not something to postpone; it is a data emergency! The takeaway is it will be troublesome if you do not resolve this data emergency as soon as possible. The longer you put off improving your data management, the worse it will getContact us today!

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