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Zoho CRM Tip: The Contacts Tab (Part 1)

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Zoho CRM Tip: The Contacts Tab (Part 1)

Contacts are different from Leads because Contacts are qualified. One qualifies a Contact because you have developed a relationship with them such as having a meeting them or you are ready to send them an estimate or an invoice; Estimates and Invoices cannot be sent to Leads. In Business-to-Consumer (B2C) scenarios, the Contact the person you would bill, whereas in Business-to-Business (B2B) you would create an Account for the entity and the Contacts would be the people in the entity. This means that a single Account can have multiple Contacts. The next section will cover how to deal with this.

The Contacts Tab:
The Contacts tab is very similar to the other tabs in functionality. 

The main functional difference between the Contact and Account is that you can email a Contact, but you cannot email an Account.

The Contact profile:

Contract profile has call to action buttons in the top right corner. Here you can call and bsend an email to the contact.

When you click on "Send Email", an email pop-up will appear like below. Here you will add Subject and email body text. You can also choose from the saved templates. 

Editing a Contact:

Here is what the Contact profile looks like in edit mode. Required fields are sidelined in red.

The most important function of the contacts module in Zoho CRM is that they can be used for both customers' acquisitions as well as procurement of products from the vendors. Contacts can be related to an account as well as vendors according to your business process.

In this blog, we guided your through the basics of Contacts Tab of Zoho CRM, for more on Contacts Tabs, go through Zoho CRM Tip: The Contacts Tab (Part 2). Feel free to contact us for Zoho Help and schedule a free 1 hour session for better Zoho understanding.

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