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Zoho CRM Video Tip: Workflow Rules

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11.18.21 05:10 PM Comment(s)

Zoho CRM Video Tip: Workflow Rules

In this video, you will learn about workflow rules and how to create them and set the conditions for the trigger. 

Workflow Rules in Zoho CRM, are a set of actions (email notifications, tasks and field updates) that are executed when certain specified conditions are met. These rules automate the process of sending email notifications, assigning tasks and updating certain fields of a record when a rule is triggered.

The steps to create a workflow rule are divided into 4 parts

1.Go to Setup Automation Workflow Rules.

2.In the Workflow Rules page, click Create Rule.

3.  In the Create New Rule pop-up, do the following:

Select the Module to which the rule applies from the drop-down list.

Enter the Rule Name and Description.

4.Click Next.

Workflow rules allow organizations to automate business activities based on a predefined rule being triggered.

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