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Zoho Mail vs Gmail? Find Out the Best Email Provider for Business

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07.22.22 09:46 AM Comment(s)

Zoho Mail vs Gmail? Find Out the Best Email Provider for Business

One of the major things that a startup will do in their initial stage is to decide an email host. You can be confused with so many different hosting sites in the market. As per our experience of working with new businesses, the decision often comes down to Zoho Mail vs. Gmail. Both have similarities and contrast that set them unique in their features. Zoho Mail is complete budget friendly package specifically designed for businesses and has many customization options within their plans for the users. While it comes at a slightly higher price, Gmail also has some great features including spam filtering, unlimited storage for Enterprise accounts. But the confidence that businesses feel in using Zoho Mail is remarkable. 

  • Zoho Mail comes with no ads:
    Zoho Mail has both free and paid versions like Gmail. Nevertheless, Zoho Mail is competent than Gmail in that there are no ads in Zoho Mail, not even in the free version.
  • Zoho Mail has better privacy settings:
    Zoho Mail doesn’t support advertising, so no tracking is required. Both Firefox and uBlock Origin cannot find any trackers within the Zoho Mail webmail page
  • Zoho Mail is budget-friendly:
    Zoho Mail’s free tier allows you to use your own domain. It will also give you up to 5 mailboxes, each with 5GB of storage. If you want to use more than one domain or take advantage of some of the advanced features that Zoho offers, you can sign up for a paid account. Zoho is an affordable option for smaller teams looking for a collaborative marketing platform.
  • Zoho Mail has standard protocols:
    Zoho Mail doesn’t have that problem as they support standard protocols that are widely adopted. IMAP, POP, CalDAV, CardDAV and ActiveSync are all supported on Zoho Mail.

While both are great email host, we feel that for most business users, Zoho Mail is the winner and it easily integrates with all the Zoho One apps you can useZoho Mail offers numerous helpful features that not only give you a smooth and seamless email experience but also help you collaborate with your team and streamline your workflows. Contact us today for quick Zoho Mail set up, integration or to switch from your current email host to Zoho Mail. We are a click away. 
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