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Zoho One Tip: Advanced Fields in Zoho Form

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04.30.22 11:58 AM Comment(s)

Zoho One Tip: Advanced Fields in Zoho Form

Zoho Forms provides a variety of form fields ranging from simple text boxes to complex formula fields. You can collect payments in your order forms, perform calculations, assign a unique ID to each form entry received, and do much more using the various fields available. In your form  builder, Advanced fields list certain complex fields that help you perform calculations, collect Payments, capture digital signatures, and more. In this blog, we take you through the Advanced Fields of Zoho Form.

Open Zoho Forms, then click on the Advanced Fields Option.

Select from the Advanced Fields option pane. Here you will see fields such as Payment, Zoho CRM, Formula, Subform, Matrix Choice, Images Choices, Signature and Terms and Conditions. 

Drag and drop fields from Advanced Fields option to the form.

When the field is added in the form, you can customize the settings here for the specific field. Then click Save.

You can use the side bar for Properties, Duplicate and Delete.

Advanced Fields in Zoho Forms take the form to the next level where you can choose from the complex option and incorporate into the form with a simple Drag and Drop. For more Zoho Forms Tip, stay tuned to our blog updates. 

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