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Zoho One Tip: Introduction to Zoho Forms 

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Zoho One Tip: Introduction to Zoho Forms 

Zoho Forms is a no-coding, drag & drop, online form builder used to create forms for every purpose. It provides you with a variety of customization options, supports task assignment, approval workflows and is also responsive to mobile browsers.

This walkthrough is to help you get started with creating a form using Zoho Forms. Follow the simple step-by-step instructions given below to build forms  that perfectly match your requirements.

Go to Zoho Forms and click at the top right corner on the button 'New Form' to launch the form.

Enter the form Name and Description in the respective fields. Then click Create.

Basic and Advanced Fields are at the left side to choose from.

Drag Fields from the left into the form. 

Click on Properties at the tiny functionality bar at the right side of the field, to edit the Field Properties.

You can customize the Field Properties accordingly.

To delete the Field, click 'Delete' at the right functionality bar.

Click 'Delete'.

To go in depth with with Zoho Form integration with Zoho CRM, stay updated with the next Zoho Form Tip.

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