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Corporate announcement on DDS Pricing Rate!

We are pleased to announce the publication of our highly effective book titled ' 'Ebi's Visual Guide: Beginner Microsoft Word and Excel 2016+' in February 2018.

Ebi's Visual Guide: Beginner Microsoft Word and Excel 2016+ is a Reference Guide for those who want to get a proficiency in the basics ...

This blog is a shout out to an amazing client - Pura Luxe

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Image from:  Zoho website

I was recently at Zoho Developer, 2018, Zoho's application development conference using Zoho Creator and related apps. One of the presenters showed a photo ...

Zoho is entering a new phase of its existence and for the first time really pushing the advertising envelope. They ran the above video advertisement on national television. Friends told me they saw it during the finals of the National Basketball Association (NBA) event and even in the morning during...