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This is the second part in a series where I am talking about how educational institutions invest in their students for the long term and don't expect to get any returned investment in the institution until at least 20 years from the time of graduation. Incidentally, this is also about how long it t...

In the previous blog I described how I was taught at a Dale Carnegie training of a way to remember to ask people questions that allow them to tell you the most about themselves. I am now going to answer those questions about myself.

  • A name plate
    • My Name is Ebitari Isoun Larsen. Isoun is my maiden nam...

Some liberal arts colleges are doing better than others, but many still struggle, with making their student bodies more diverse. So how does a Nigerian/American, like me, end up at Bowdoin College, a mostly white, but well respected and established, small liberal arts college in Maine?

I visited the...


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