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Zoho CRM Admin Tip: Tasks and Workflows (Part 2)
Zoho CRM Admin Tip: Tasks and Workflows

Join Delta Data Services at the Zoho Community Meetup in Irvine. Its a great opportunity to meet the Zoho staff, get your questions answered and meet other Zoho users and fans as well. We hope to see you in Irvine!

Where: Back Bay Conference Center, 3415 Michelson Drive, Irvine, California, 9261...

The power of the Deal (otherwise known as Potential or Opportunity) module is in the Stage field. This field is presented as a line across the top of a Deal profile and you can change the stage of the deal by easily clicking the round button on the stage your Deal is in. Here is a screenshot of the ...

Zoho CRM Tip: Sheet View.

In the video below we present a Zoho CRM YouTube video tip about Renaming Modules. You can 'rename' modules in Zoho CRM so that they better match the way you communicate at your organization. This video shows how to rename modules. Check it down below and don't forget to subscribe!

At Delta Data Services, we are happy to announce the publication of our highly effective and functional book, titled 'Ebi's Visual Guide: Zoho CRM User Guide' published in November 2018.

This book gives you a general overview of a basic Zoho CRM setup. When you complete the book, you will have a good...

Zoho Admin Tip: Field Updates in Workflows in Zoho CRM
Zoho CRM Tip: Renaming Modules

You can watch our series of Zoho CRM tip videos on our YouTube Chanel.  This video covers a method where you learn how and why to hide and rearrange modules. Check it down below and don't forget to subscribe!


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