Delta Data Services LLC
DDS is 11 Years Old This Month!!!
Corporate announcement on DDS Pricing Rate!
Delta Data Services is 10 Years old January 2019.

On November 16 2018,  our President, Ebitari Larsen and staff Gulnur (Alex) Dauletiyarova were at the National Registered Apprenticeship Week Partner Appreciation Luncheon hosted by Open Tech and DIAG USA. We are thankful and humbled that Delta Data Services was awarded with Certificate of Appr...

This blog is a shout out to an amazing client - Pura Luxe

Our President, Ebitari Larsen, met the OpenTech Initiative Director, Joan Samuels, at the Southland Technology Conference (Sotec) last October. Ms. Samuels made a presentation of her program at the conference and Ebitari was compelled by the program.

Think about how much time, money and energy compa...