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In Zoho CRM, you can add new fields as per your needs. These fields will be available to all the users added to your organization's CRM account and they can make changes to it as per the access given to them.
Zoho CRM Admin Tip: Map Dependency Fields. How to make a pick list return only the fields related to a given answer on another pick list in Zoho CRM.

In the video below we present a Zoho CRM YouTube video tip about Renaming Modules. You can 'rename' modules in Zoho CRM so that they better match the way you communicate at your organization. This video shows how to rename modules. Check it down below and don't forget to subscribe!

As you may be aware, you can add custom fields to all modules and custom modules in CRM. What I want to discuss here are some of the fields you might forget to use or considerations for using certain fields.

First, always remember that if you are making a field in Lead, you may want to check the bu...