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Introduction to the Lead Record and records in general in Zoho CRM. These are the features of working in all records in CRM.
DDS (Delta Data Services LLC) is known for serving clients wholeheartedly and delivering results. We listen. We analyze. We deliver. Our success is measured by results. We care the most about how our clients feel about their experience with us.
March 2021 COVID-19 Pandemic Message - Seeing the Light
DDS Calls for Equitable and Diverse Future for Women
DDS Calls for Equitable and Diverse Future for Women
March is Women's History Month - DDS Speaks
Delta Data Services is Twelve (12) Years old This Month
Laserfiche Empower Conference 2021
Ebitari's Thanksgiving 2020 Message
Ebitari Larsen Achieves Three Zoho Badges
Zoho CRM Video Tip - Lead Conversion Mapping in Zoho CRM

Are you starting to find that when you convert a Lead to a:

  • Contact
  • Account
  • Optionally a Deal/Opportunity/Potential
that some of the fields are not passing over correctly to the new modules?

Did you add new fields such as pick lists to Leads and forget or not realize that you have to make the field in:
  • ...