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Zoho Admin Tip - Web Forms
Zoho CRM Admin Tip: Tasks and Workflows (Part 2)
Zoho CRM Admin Tip: Tasks and Workflows

The power of the Deal (otherwise known as Potential or Opportunity) module is in the Stage field. This field is presented as a line across the top of a Deal profile and you can change the stage of the deal by easily clicking the round button on the stage your Deal is in. Here is a screenshot of the ...

Zoho CRM Tip: Sheet View.
Zoho Admin Tip: Field Updates in Workflows in Zoho CRM
Zoho CRM Tip: Renaming Modules

On 4th October in Irvine we had a great opportunity to put on a Zoho Community Meetup event sponsored by our company,  Delta Data Services and Zoho Zoho offers Community Meetups throughout the world and they are an opportunity for the people in the local area to meet Zoho ...

This blog continues from the previous blog and is explaining the features of the email template in Zoho CRM. Email templates are used to email individuals to groups of Leads or Contacts. Email templates are also used in workflows as part of the email alert. They are highly functional and useful and ...

Email templates are useful for ease of emailing individual Leads and/or Contacts as well as for emailing multiple Leads or Contacts in a batch. The purpose of the email template is so that you don't have to re-compose the email multiple times or cut and paste the message multiple times. With an emai...


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